three quick taps again

More completely disparate bits, on the same principle as the last.

obamacolumbiaFirst —  Forget NYPIRG, President Obama was that same rare species as I – a 1980’s college peacenik! Luckily, the snarky press only recently hold of this earnest student article in a Columbia U magazine, whose eager framing of its subjects reminds me of my first tries at that kind of writing.

The issue’s dated March 1983, which empowers me to play that game of “where were you then?”  I had just started that internship I mentioned in that NYPIRG post, and probably had attended conferences of that Students Against Militarism group he mentions in the piece. I guess Barack had good reason to fly back to Chicago after NYPIRG. He was in danger of turning out liike me  — a writer with an obsession with war and peace, and thus few career prospects.

Second, my other shop has more on that peace village on the Green Line, as well as other news you can use.

And for your video portion, anyone who screamed when Bush denied neglect after Katrina should get a kick out of Campbell Brown ripping the still-president a new one:


2 thoughts on “three quick taps again

  1. Mithras

    The issue’s dated March 1983, which empowers me to play that game of “where were you then?”

    Standing at my register at Jamesway, trying to put together enough money to pay for tuition that fall.

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