Elizabeth Willse: Surrounded by Books

This is just a note to myself, to remind me that sketchpads, about the 9 x 12 size, are essential to the process of writing a paper.

Also, a pack of markers/highlighters in as many colors as possible.

And butcher paper… which makes me deeply glad that Pratt is an art and design school as well as a library school. I can usually get a couple of big sheets of giant paper, without having to figure out where to buy a roll of my own, how to get it home, and where to put it in my wee apartment.

I definitely do not think of myself as An Art Person. I don’t draw. I barely even doodle. I resist playing Pictionary. Nor do I think of myself as A Visual Person. I have trouble with sizes, juxtapositions, assembling furniture, and visualizing anything in detail.

But, for a paper- give me…

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