not the way I wanted into the Times

Because people keep asking:  yes, that’s me.  I’d volunteered to talk to Joyce Wadler mostly hoping for some free publicity to Women’s Voices for, not realizing that my  little joke about the commercial made me quotable enough to be the lede of the story.

For the record: she mistook my monthly net pay from Chelsea Now for our rent (it was a lot lower), and she sharpened the contrasts I’d described.  e.g. I’d told her only that R and I had “fratboy tendencies,” for example, not that we always went there. And she didn’t mention the story’s happy ending; that now that Rache has a job and we’ve saved up a deposit et al., we were by then actually starting to look for a Philly place of our own.

But I’m sure I’ve done worse as a journo without knowing it. In any event, let’s hope that when my book is published, the Times will pay enough attention to consign that clip to comedy, as it deserves.


4 thoughts on “not the way I wanted into the Times

  1. Ed

    Chris the comments section of this article was not very kind, next time say NO to the NY Times. You see how they twist the facts . But great to see you made the first line.

    1. Lily

      I did enjoy reading the article, even though it was squirm-alicious to think of being put on the spot like that. You did great! And it was fun to see you in the lede. You owned the lede 😉 I like the happy ending, too… (Plus it was a good article…)

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