reasons to be anthony lane

So that when you come across a movie that deserves it, you can write paragraphs like this:

Pausing only to borrow a private jet from his ex’s slimy husband, Mills [played by Liam Neeson] flies to Paris, where he proceeds to work his way, without mercy, through a personal alphabet of undesirable aliens. This being a brisk affair, of little more than ninety minutes, he gets only as far as Albanians and Arabs, but, if I were an innocent Bermudan, let alone a Belgian, I would be starting to get nervous about a sequel.

That’s Lane on Liam Neeson’s dash into the sleazy thriller world. (I guess a guy about to start filming Tony Kushner/Spielberg’s Lincoln wanted something less weighty, but really?).


2 thoughts on “reasons to be anthony lane

  1. wombat

    Did you know that Anthony Lane is exactly our age? I was surprised when I found that out a few years ago, having always gotten the impression from his writing of a 75 year old curmudgeon. In the nicest possible way, of course.

  2. chrislombardi Post author

    I felt exactly the same way when I first saw a video of Lane. He also appears to be a straight guy, which I found even more surprising.


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