Monday morning links, not thoughts

It’s a Monday morning, and I’m trying to simultaneously finish my crazy oversized book chapter and get my week at the newspaper firmly started. So I’m going to punt one more time, and offer up a couple of links:

Does Obama’s appearance on Fox News signify a move to the right? An interesting take.

A portrait of the overall primary drama from my favorite cartoonist, who is also one of our most fearless thinkers.

If you’re tired of political chat, some Chelsea stuff: for those of you curious whatever happened to the folks I described at the Hotel Breslin, here’s the latest update:

Last week, the Hotel Breslin on Broadway bustled with the sounds of construction. Eight DOB notices were plastered to the front door, between 28th and 29th Sts.—some clear (“Install New HVAC System”) and others mysterious (“Conversion To Prior Use”). Just below the doorman’s cubicle, workers wearing protective masks tramped down to the basement, while the sound of power drills and other heavy equipment blasted from beyond the inner door. Just beside that door, a yellowed notice pleaded politely: “Please Remember That This is a Residential Building. Avoid Excess Noise.”

And if you just want to grimace wondering why you didn’t come up with it yourself, the inevitable Yes We Can Has.


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