24 hours of irony?

Two quick bits, since I’m otherwise mostly in the 19th century today:

First, Anthony Lane gave me a new catchphrase this week, in his New Yorker review of 88 Minutes:

Avnet is setting a noble example here: if all movies were named after their running times, Hollywood would instantly become a brisker place. Would Peter Jackson have dared to put us through a Tolkien trilogy called “Nine and a Quarter Hours of Elves”? I don’t think so.

I now never have to use the phrase “Lord of the Rings” again. In Lane’s honor, I will only use his alternate title. Including for the books.

But that’s not the ironic part. That happens in July, when this happiest? place on earth opens.


1 thought on “24 hours of irony?

  1. Julia Kay

    Of course Lane is hilarious… we recently rewatched the uncut version, probably an extra hour or two of elves. The amusement park in Baghdad is simply… unbelievable. Perhaps the helmuts will be of some use to protect against air attacks? But if there is an ironic connection between these two stories, I’m failing to see it…?


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