international development mit schlag

I’ve been sick, on top of everything else, which is why I’ve not posted in the past two weeks.  I’ll make up from it this week, by blogging daily from Winter Soldier.

Meanwhile, stop by Jina‘s shop: you’ll be hooked. She’s doing important, groundbreaking work in Rwanda, documenting a country’s recovery from a very dark place. But that makes it sound like her blog is preachy or sad, and it’s not.  Like all good writing, it goes down  like whipped cream, not Vegemite.

Today’s posting, for example, starts out:  “3 kegs of Mutzig, a DJ with speakers that throbbed like a dance club, and a goat on a spit. Jack Kerouac crossed with Samantha Power with a dash of Angelina Jolie.

That’s how you save the world.


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